Kasper -  Bedroom - Enjoy (ft. Giriboy)

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im writing about you on tumblrr haha suck a dick.

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I hope we get to see more of Olltii!! Kind of annoyed that we didn't get to see him rap during ep 2 and 3..

yea :( he’s a great rapper too so im hoping to hear him more :D
here’s his crew’s channel. He’s in all of the vids. just a little something in case you’re craving him haha.

from the #1 sexiest kpop idol, kim sunggyu

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  • has cute plus size girls in his mv’s with no comedic value
  • makes a song abt how a girl is perfect just the way she is

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SMTM3 and it’s craze (ep 3)

yall know the drill. lol
ep 3 subbed (credits to subbers)

THIS IS A REALLLLLY LONG POST … longer than the first two, so if you get bored, just skip to the ones you like or w.e lol
also, feel free to message me about smtm3/the contestants :D i like talking about it

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i hate it when people call me lazy … like yes i am.. but is that any of your business. no. so shut up.

Rare Item

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i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass 

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I’m not lying. You’re a friend I’m not scared of. You know that, right? Family is beautiful. Family are beautiful people. That’s why I like family, because they’re beautiful people. - Lee Haru to Tablo (©

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